10 Board Games Better Than Monopoly! (Part One)

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Seikatsu is a gorgeous tile laying game for 2-3 players. The objective of the game is to score the most points and you do so by having the most beautiful view of the garden! Each turn you’ll have a reserve of two tiles. You’ll choose one those two to place on the board and the immediately score points for each adjacent bird of the same type. At the end of the game, each player will score points based on the number of like types of flowers in each row. It’s a careful balancing act where players will be faced tough decisions having to decide if they want to benefit themselves or crush their opponent’s dreams!

Barnyard Roundup

Barnyard Roundup is a family friendly bluffing game where players are making offerings to each other the catch is, they don’t always have to tell the truth and it’s the receiving player’s duty to determine if they believe that person is being truthful. If they correctly guess then they’ll reap the benefits, if they are incorrect, however, the bluffing player reaps the rewards. This game features beautiful artworks and can be taught in just 5 minutes. You can play a full game in about 10-20 minutes. It’s recommended for ages 6 and up and I’d say that’s an accurate estimate! 

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