10 family board games we all love

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Rummikub is our favorite summer game which sounds weird but this was a game that I used to play every day during my summer break when I was growing up. My children also got exposed to the game during our travels over the summer. You really want to play this with 4 players but you can play with 3 as well. There is a learning curve, best in the on-the-job training environment. Kids usually get it after a round or two. It is a game of sequencing, patterns, and attention (tracking tiles). It gets competitive and you can never stop after one round.


Apples to Apples is a fun comparison game with cards. One player is assigned as a judge. They pick a card with an adjective and other players try to find the most relevant card to that adjective among the cards they were dealt with names of places, things, people, and events. The judge picks a winner who gets the most relevant adjective card. The first person to get 4 adjective cards is crowned the winner! Again, even though the recommended age is 9, I can comfortably say kids aged 6 and up can easily play this game. It helps boost vocabulary and logical thinking while being entertained.

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