10 family board games we all love

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One of the family activities which is supposed to be fun and engaging is playing board games together. Even though I would rather prefer sitting down and playing board games with my kids to playing with trucks or Shopkins (insert *groan*), I can’t say that all board games are equally fun (or even tolerable) either. Especially, Monopoly is unbearable for me. However, there are few family board games out there that we really enjoy playing together with our children. Having invested in these games, we try to make a point to play at least one of them sometime during the week as our family ritual.


Machi Koro is my favorite city building strategy game. It’s comparable to Monopoly but unlike Monopoly, the game ends after a reasonable time of about 30 minutes. Even though the age recommendation is 10+, my almost 10-year-old daughter and 6-year-old niece have been playing the game for a long time. It is easy enough but it gets competitive. Machi Koro uses simple math skills for purchasing property and settling the debt and critical thinking for strategy. It also lays the foundation for understanding how finance works. You have a lot of places to buy and make you earn money, but you have to save before you spend because it might cost a lot too.

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