10 Best Board games for 3-6 year kids

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Reasons to play board games : Why you should play board games with kids

1. Perfect family bonding time :

They just chuck out those digital gadgets and involve lots of fun when a complete family sits to play the game. It is indeed a great quality time spent together to bring us close to one another. Kids can easily be lured away from their gadgets or video’s, if we play board games in group.

2. Great companion while travelling :

Believe me, we are a travel family and none other than story books and board games can be a better companion when you have a kid along with you. They are less messy, takes less of space and creates a great atmosphere. Also, when it is raining or scorching sun above you and you need something indoors, board games are perfect for kids and family.

3.  Help inculcate the basics :

We all as parents have faced the issues of possessiveness, no-sharing attitudes in our kids. Board games are great in a way that they encourage the child to take turns, follow the predefined rules and promotes team work. Board games are best played when in a group (family/friends)for that fun.

4. Better Cognitive skills :

Since board games usually involve factors as learning the rules, reasoning, logics, consequences, decisions, it involves a lot of exercise to the young brains. It helps in building strategic thinking, enhances problem solving skills, encourages creativity, improves focus and attention.

They also help in improving gross and fine motor skills, along with hand – eye coordination.

From the time we grew up, board games have become so interactive and full of engagement. It is not longer just a dice play, but a whole strategic play for kids. Though there are many amazing Board games listed in the market, but we have shortlisted the ones, with multiple developmental aspects and which are quite popular in this age group.

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