The deeply un-PC games Baby Boomers played as children

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In the days before computers, Netflix and video games, kids had to come up with other ways of entertaining themselves. This often meant kids played outside with their neighbours and friends and used their imagination to have fun.

In those days, the political-correctness police weren’t as bad as they are and children happily played games because they were fun – not because they were trying to offend people. Times have certainly changed, though, and the things that were perfectly normal to Baby Boomers aren’t considered acceptable by today’s generation.

For many who grew up in the ’50s and ’60s, cowboys and indians was often a popular game to play. The game was make-believe take on tag and saw a group of kids divided into two teams – one being the cowboys and the other being the indians.

Each team had to try and protect their “land” and could advance in the game by “shooting” the other team and claiming their land. Kids sometimes dressed up, but it wasn’t always necessary. It is believed the game originated in the US when American pioneers tried to win land from Native Americans.

The game is considered racist these days, with many labelling it as politically incorrect and offensive to Native Americans.

Another thing a lot of kids played with was golliwogs. The soft dolls with colourful outfits, fuzzy woolen hair and black faces were loved by their kiddy owners at the time, but they’re now deeply controversial. It is believed the  character originated in 1895 in a book called The Adventures of Two Dutch Dolls by Florence Kate Upton.

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