10 Favorite Board Games for Families

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For the Chance Loving Family

Even though it can be argued that every board game involves an element of strategy, a board game where the main elements of winning involve things out of the player’s control are considered games of chance. They are games where players can experience BIG upsets. This teaches your children how to handle defeat graciously.

There are often lessons to be learned in games of chance about the use of the element of risk. For this reason, our family enjoyed games of chance.

      • Yahtzee. Roll the dice. Work in some addition and call it math.
      • Candyland. Yes. This and Bowl Full of Cherries are games that everyone in the family can play.
      • The Game of Life. Expect giggles and sighs of exasperation as you’re dealt cards that determine a career or family, wealth or poverty, and more.

For the Relationship Loving Family

When you think of board games for the relationship loving family, thing of games that foster cooperation. Kids will learn how to work together to achieve a goal and win.

Here are some of our favorite games to foster relationship.

      • Pandemic. This games was great at getting my kids to work together to solve a problem. It was fun seeing what contributions each would make to the final outcome. The goal of the game is to stop the spread of deadly diseases.
      • Codenames. While not specifically a board game designated as a cooperative play game, everyone had a role and it required working together in order to do well. You have to oust the spies with the help of the spy master.
      • Max. We’ve not personally played this game. It’s designed to foster empathy and discussing difficult situations with younger children, ages 4-7.

Establish a Family Board Game Night

No matter what style of board game your family might enjoy, planning a regular game night at your home can be a time to build relationships, eat yummy snacks, and have some old-fashioned fun.

Put the electronic devices away, smartphones in a drawer on silent, and pop some popcorn.

Board games are memory makers, and you’ll never regret having too many of those!

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