10 Favorite Board Games for Families

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It’s a special night when you can get everyone off the screen (any screen!) and gathered round the kitchen table to eat. It’s downright magical when you can get them to do it to play a board game together.

You not only have to really like one another, the game has to be totally awesome.

And every homeschool mom knows it’s bonus points if you can somehow turn it into a learning experience or homeschool hours without the kids catching on.

With that in mind, here are ten board games your family will (maybe, probably) love.

Board Games For the Strategy Loving Family

You might be curious to know if you’re a strategy loving family. If you have to ask, I might venture to say you’re not. But, if you’re really on the fence about the question ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do we enjoy planning and scheduling?
  • When I say the word “setters” do you automatically think of Little House on the Prairie or does the word Catan pop in your head?

If you’re thinking you’re a strategy loving family based on your answers, then you’ll enjoy the following board games.

      • Risk. A classic strategy game involving learning the art of diplomacy, when to risk conflict, and when to retreat. Girls can love this game as much as boys, so don’t predetermine that for your kids. At our house Mom was the undisputed Risk master.
      • Stratego. Your army has to capture the flag of the opponent. We had several of these so we could break down into groups of 2 to 4 to play with friends.
      • Settlers of Catan. This German board games allows he players to learn to balance growing their settlements with the resources they have and earn along the way.
      • Ticket to Ride. A cross-country adventure game where players are dealt cards representing train cars as they claim railroads and railways across the country.
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