10 Board Games to Buy for Preschoolers

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If you have multiple children then you have probably heard the whining and crying of the younger child who just isn’t able to play board games with his or her older siblings. I know I have, and I get the frustration they feel because the board games are too advance for them to understand nor play along with. But there are some great board games for preschoolers now, games that older siblings can play along with too.

10 Board Games for Preschoolers

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We have a good sized collection of games for our family. I say family in particular because Hubby and I have had a few of them since before we had kids. I always feel good about buying games over toys because they’re something that we can do together as a family quite often, and they are great for those days when I don’t want to do school lessons. Board games are great for practicing math and reading skills.

Boggle Jr.

a specially designed Boggle game that helps preschoolers learn their ABC’s! Boggle Jr.’s easy matching games teach them letters, spelling and reading-while they’re having fun!

Flying Bee Games

This game is fun, colorful and full of preschool sized action. Your kids are going to be working on their hand-eye coordination to make sure those bees don’t get your honey!

Connect 4

I always loved this game! It’s simple rules and set up make it the perfect addition to your game collection because kids (and adults) of all ages can play it. Get to 4-in-a-row, is the first to win!

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