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Grab your friends and jump into these new board games.

As the board game industry continues to grow, more and more fans are always looking to find their next new favorite game. 2017 was a big year for the tabletop world; Azul from Plan B Games proved that people do like abstract games—a lot, Queendomino charmed gamers with its brightly colored empire-building simplicity, and Pandemic Legacy Season 2 was a success, even if it didn’t quite live up to the first season.

2018 has an impressive lineup from both established designers and newcomers. We’ll see some more legacy games, now that publishers and gamers are getting used to this “legacy” concept. There are a handful of short filler games as the general appetite continues to lean toward brevity, but this list contains a few behemoths as well.

This year should bring a mix of innovative concepts and tried and trusted mechanics. I’m hopeful that a handful of these board games coming out in 2018 will live up to the hype and go on to be blockbusters.

Here are the best new board games of 2018 for us to look forward to:

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