5 Board Games to Ease You Through a Life Crisis

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A very wise man named Benjamin Franklin once said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” And while that is true., there is one more thing ol’ Benny boy forgot — when life gets hard, board games will ALWAYS be there to help you through it (unless Toys’R’Us goes out of business — which will never happen hahaha). So check out these five board games, because they can help YOU work out whatever life crises you might be going through.


If you’re going through a frustrating time with your finances, we definitely recommend a round of Monopoly. Not only is Monopoly fun and entertaining, it’s also educational, in that it teaches players that in order to succeed financially in life, all you need is an initial loan of $1,500 in cash, the opportunity to buy multiple properties that only cost hundreds of dollars, and the willingness to screw over friends and bleed struggling people dry. Also helpful are a get out of jail free card or two (AKA friends in the government), some railroads, and luck. One round of Monopoly is sure to give you some perspective on your own IRL financial situation AND help remind you how capitalism works for (and mostly against) you!

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