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Once all of the homework is done and the plants are all taken care of, what’s a Hufflepuff to do with their spare time? You can only watch that one plant sing and dance so long (and really, someone should teach it a new song). It’s time to pull out some muggle board games from the closet and play them under the burnished copper lamps in the common room.


You are pitting species verses species to see who’s the most dominant. Starting with the youngest player, you take turns planting two of your small trees on the outside ring of the board. Each of the game’s rounds are measured by the sun fully rotating around the board. You will gain light points based on the position of the sun, the larger the tree the more points it is worth. If you are in the shadow of another tree, you get no light points during that phase. You then spend those light points on actions (buying trees, planting trees, upgrading a tree’s size, or ending the life cycle of a large tree to gain scoring points). After three rounds, the game ends and you add up your points.

Everyone knows that Hufflepuffs are generally some of the best Herbology students, owing to the fact that Professor Sprout is their head of house and brings a collection of interesting plants into the common room.

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