4 Board & Video Games for the next barkada hangout!

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PlayGround Hobby Caféhosts casual gaming competitions every Tuesday night at their restaurant in Monumento, Caloocan City. The interactive environment is perfect for finding new opponents for games you already love, and they serve meals to keep you from going hungry over the hours of playing!

Take a look at some of the board and video games that spark the fiercest competition at these weekly matches. Pick your favorites to sneak some practice in before joining!

1. Dixit 

On Sale at P3,539, Lazada

This party game is easy to pick up but you’ll discover more of its tricks and twists with more players.

The game starts with one player, called the “storyteller”, looking at his or her hand of six cards and creating a sentence based on just one of those cards. Afterward, every other player has to select one of their own cards to match that sentence. The group then has to guess individually which card is the true card of the storyteller.

The trick of the game is to offer sentences or phrases during your turn which is neither too difficult nor too obvious. The more you know how your opponents think, the better!

PlayGround hosts Table Top Trials: Dixit every Tuesday at 5:00 PM.

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