12 Classic Board Games that will take you back to your childhood – which do you remember?

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It was a different time when we were growing up. When we finished school on a Friday, unless we’d already made plans it would generally be Monday before we heard from our mates again, there were no mobiles to text and no Social Media to tag each other in.

Trivial Pursuit

The classic trivia game, with questions about History, Geography, Sports, Entertainment, Arts and Leisure and Science and Nature. The aim of the game to keep answering questions, go round the board until you answer the wedge questions to complete your “cheese”. Everyone had a favourite category and one they dreaded having to get as the last piece of the cheese – which were yours?

Trivial Pursuit Young Person’s Edition

Same again but with questions for a much younger audience, this way we could play Trivial Pursuit with the adults, each answering the questions from their box and using the same board – this was a great addition that opened the game up to the whole family to play.
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