I Wish I’d Tried These 5 Street Style Trends Sooner

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New York Fashion Week ended almost a month ago, and I only now find myself coming out of outfit fatigue. After spending a long string of days ripping apart my closet to create some semblance of a “cute outfit,” I found myself desperate for a block of time when I could wear nothing but basics, namely jeans, sweaters, and sneakers. Luckily, my fashion brain fry has finally subsided, and I’ve been busy combing through a month of street style photos, getting excited about the fresh styling tricks I’ve decided I want to give a go.

The Bucket Tuck

So, tucking a pair of skinny jeans into boots is nothing new, but I was particularly impressed with the way that street style stars managed to style wider-legged pants with the same shoes. I’m not naturally inclined to stuff a billowy calf’s length of pant into something tight and leather. But I’m pleasantly surprised by how entirely effortless it looks. One pair of silky trousers and a cool pair of bucket boots will be my fall go-to.

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